Dr. Zhang Da-jun



o  Contact Information 

Postal address:

Department of Mathematics

Shanghai University

99, Shangda Road

Shanghai, 200444


Office: F-414

Tel:  86-21-66136865

Fax: 86-21-66133292

Email: djzhang@staff.shu.edu.cn  

o  Research Interests: Solitons and Integrable systems 

·            Discrete integrable systems

·            Elliptic functions and integrable systems

·            Exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations

Inverse scattering transform; Riemann-Hilbert method; Hirota method, Wronskian/ Phaffian; Darboux transformation; Bäcklund transformation; Symmetry analysis

·            Integrable systems and their mathematical structures

Hamiltonian structures and Liouville integrability; Symmetries; Conservation laws

·            Sato's theory

·            BEC problem

·            Cellular automata

o  Important Links 

·            SIDE (Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations)

·            JNMP (Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics)

o  Teaching Experience 

·            For undergraduate students

Mathematical Analysis; Calculus; Complex variable functions; Linear algebra

·            For graduate students

Introduction to soliton theory

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